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Rich Willey - Down & Dirty
Rich Willey - Down & Dirty

JazzBluesNews interviews Rich Willey:

Simon Sargsyan, JazzBluesNews

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Rich Willey - Down & Dirty
Rich Willey - Down & Dirty

Midwest Record reviews Down & Dirty:

Chris Spector, Midwest Record

A trumpet cat that was brought along by some of the top old school jazzbos shows how he learned as he earned and puts those lessons to good use. Rounding up a crew filled with names even a jazz tourist would recognize, everyone gets a chance to shine in this big band date all the while serving to make Willey shine even more. A nicely jumping session that never falters, they make Willey's originals feel right at home in your ear and play with the kind of off the clock zeal old pros have when a good time is in the air and powering the proceedings. Well done. 

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