Josh Levinson - Morning Joy
Debbie Burke

"From the jump, "Morning Joy" swings hard and bright, the title track of a new CD from the Josh Levinson Septet.

No crowded studio or stage here; seven instrumentalists but they blend like a summer drink, with lots of space and air for everybody. The ensemble is led by trumpet player Josh Levinson, a guy who proves he can write a titanium hook.

The big-band sound swells and pulls back on "Potential," a track that’s hip, bouncy and has a stirring piano solo. "Celebration" feels like one; lots of instrumental unity and echoism, with drums that keep it swift and light and a welcome sprinkling of vocalese for emphasis. They enter into bebop territory with "C Sharpe Was Here," and get down deep and somber in the stunning "Prayer for Orlando."

Josh Levinson’s latest CD is full of feel-great, memorable melodies, providing a joy that’s good for any time of the day or night or any season of life."

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